Not getting line levels into & out of Daisy Seed

Hey guys,

I am currently working on a multi-fx device with a custom hardware design based on the Daisy Seed. I’m still on the breadboard & mostly doing coding for the firmware which is coming along nicely.

Unfortunately I am having problems getting line levels into the Seed and also getting line levels out of the Seed. For my testing routine I am sending a 80Hz sinewave at -0.1dBfs out of Ableton Live trough a line output of my audio interface & finally into the left audio input of the Seed. For testing, I loaded a simple passthrough patch onto the Seed. When I compare the signal I am sending into the Seed with the signal I am getting out of the Seed with an oscilloscope plugin in Ableton Live, the signal is clearly clipping.

It stops clipping when I attenuate the signal going into the Seed by roughly -14dB. Now the signal that’s coming back into Live from the Seed is pretty quiet, obviously. I then need to amplify that incoming signal by roughly 20dB to get it back to the level the sinewave had from the very beginning (before the attenuation).

What am I missing here? I feel like the problem must be at my end cuz I’ve read multiple times that the inputs & outputs of the Daisy Seed are line-level.

Any help would be much appreciated!