Noise On Petal / Seed Board - Daisy Seed Rev 5

Hi, Im looking at what could be causing a strange output noise problem with a Rev5 Seed on both a Daisy Petal and on a dev PCB board that I am trying to fault find background noise on.

The strange thing is (this will hopefully be an indicator to someone here) that when any of the Encoder pots are turned to Max (whether they are connected to a parameter or not) the noise is reduced by half.

Does this ring any bells for anyone? I am using Max MSP Oopsy for creating my patches and to help solve the problem I have created a Null Patch that doesnt do any audio processing, it just passes it through clean and a pot that simply adjusts the brightness of a LED.

I am trying this on both a shitty 9V DC adapter and a good Isolated 9V DC adapter, Same results.