No midi input in pod

I’ve got most things working on my new Daisy Pod––Flashing the device via make program-dfu works; reading log messages via serial device works; Audio in and out seems to work fine;

Unfortunately, MIDI data doesn’t seem to reach the device–at least, not using the pod/Midi example. I’ve instrumented it with PrintLine statements, but hw.midi.HasEvents() is never true.

I’ve tested that the MIDI output from my MIDI controller is working on other devices and if I plug the MIDI cable into the audio input of the Daisy Pod, I can hear the noise of the MIDI signal; but, no joy in the actual MIDI input.

Is this a known issue with this device? Is there a workaroud? Do I have a bad unit?

Thanks in advance.


MIDI input works on my Daisy Pod.

How are you getting MIDI to the Mini TRS plug? An adapter cable or does your MIDI device use TRS? Either way, it needs to be a ‘Type A’ cable or adapter - the difference is whether the Tip or Ring pin is active. If your MIDI is on 5 pin ‘DIN’ and you’'re using an adapter, Electro-Smith sells the correct adapter:

Here’s an article about TRS and the different MIDI ‘standards’ for it - type A, B and C.
A simplified guide to TRS MIDI

I don’t know that is your problem, but it seems like a possibility, and I think your test using the audio in would work with either type A or B, but the midi signal would only work with type A.


Ah. That was it. Wrong MIDI adapter. Duh. @tunagenes, thank you so much for your response.