No audio input

I am new to daisy and embedded. I get run the SimpleOscillator and Blink examples on my Patch.Init(). But PassthroughExample and ReverbExample don’t seem to be getting any input.

Is it possible to test whether there is something wrong with my SM board? Everything else seems to work.

I am on an M1 Mac and have tried using dfu and STLINK.

Anything else I should try?

Sorry to hear you’re having issues!

Can you confirm a few things:

  1. IN_L and IN_R jacks both don’t pass audio to the outputs with the pre-compiled versions of the Passthrough Example available on the web programmer
  2. The board is powered via Eurorack power while attempting to test the audio inputs

Once you’ve confirmed those things, I can either help you troubleshoot a bit further.

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I am using eurorack power and building from the command line. I hit the boot and reset buttons

make program-du

SimpleOscillator makes audio but ReverbExample and PassthruExample won’t pass any audio from IN_L or IN_R to OUT_L or OUT_R