Newbie question - reading & combining schematics

Hi all,

I’m a complete newb to embedded platforms, so my apologies if this is a stupid question. I’ve purchased a Daisy Seed and am looking to incorporate it in a custom guitar pedal.

Ideally I’d like to combine elements of the hardware layouts of the Daisy Petal & Patch. So incorporating the OLED display, Midi, and 2 x CV outputs of the Patch with how ever many switches and knobs from the Petal that I still have room for (plus expression input).

Stereo in/out only. No other audio IO. No LED ring. No gates.

If I am reading the schematic correctly (a big IF) it looks like all the connections on the left side of the Daisy can follow the Patch schematic, and then on the right side GPIO16-22 can be used for expression, pots & switches. GPIO25-29 look like they’d be available too (seems they are used for other IO on the Patch that I don’t need).

Does that look/sound reasonable?

Can I also move OLED_RST from GPIO31 to one of GPIO16-22 or 25-29 thereby freeing up GPIO30-31 for USB?

I’ll probably have further questions re the hardware side but will start here. Happy to be directed to some remedial reading resources if that would help.