Newbie question: How do I get midi input working on the Pod and Pure Data?

Hello. I’m new to embedded so help would be greatly appreciated.

I’m trying to get a really simple pd patch working on the Pod where I have the frequency of a phasor~ object being controlled by MIDI (keyboard) input in the Pod’s MIDI jack. I can loadbang a frequency into the phasor~ and I’m getting output after flashing, but control of the frequency with notein and mtof is only working on my desktop. I have also tried using r __hv_notein in lieu of notein and that hasn’t worked either.

How can I get MIDI input working for my patches? What steps am I missing?

BTW, I’m using plugdata to compile/flash with the Pod as my target board.

Plugdata has no Midi implemented yet. Max MSP with oopsy works fine.

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It’s not implemented yet, but we are planning on communicating with the plugdata team more and provide the necessary resources to make it happen.

There is a draft implementation for hvcc (which is what converts pd code to c/c++ for the Daisy), but as @Takumi_Ogata said we’re working on improving this.

For the advanced user that is feeling adventurous it can be tested here: WIP: Feature/daisy midi by dromer · Pull Request #76 · Wasted-Audio/hvcc · GitHub

There are still several things to consider. For one the default Daisy config has both USB and UART midi.
How would you expect these to be set up? Should these just mirror each other, or should they show up as separate “ports” inside the pd patch? (using “channels” 1-16 and 17-32 etc.)

Then there is the question of being able to configure different pins for MIDI. Daisy supports using several pins, but would you want to use all of them at the same time (and being available as separate ports as well)?

We’re still trying to figure out what is the best default and how to apply custom setups using the board JSON config.

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