Newbie Friendly PD Tutorials

If you are new to Daisy and you want to learn pure data to program it, here is a channel that I’ve found helpful:

I have no affiliation with the channel or its creator. Dozens of tutorials from absolute beginner to pretty advanced stuff. Enjoy!

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Thank you for sharing!
Yes, that’s a great channel!

I regularly pick up things from this channel as well. Do note that they use many objects not supported by Heavy.

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I’m a fan of what you are doing with Plugdata.
I have ver 0.7, but the ‘flasher’ for the pod seems to hang up:

I click on continue but the patch doesn’t seem to play.
Also, while I have your attention :wink: plaits doesn’t seem to load:

See what happens when you innocently respond to a comment :joy:
Regardless, Plugdata is great

You don’t. This is not the time or place to report bugs about plugdata :slight_smile:

:expressionless:I can’t do anything right… :pensive:

From github:

Well, at least I don’t have to deal with the discord server, for now…

Is there a reason an ‘ordinary user’ such as Astrin or myself cannot upload any ‘documents’ ie file extensions docx, rtf, pdf, etc? Can this be changed either for everyone or on request?

I ask because of:

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It looks I can’t upload a text file either. I will look into this and get back to you two on that other thread.
Thank you for bringing this up!

Thanks for your help.
A lot of my difficulties here involve not knowing how to navigate the forums.
Same thing for github where I also feel like a fish out of water.
I am not on Twitter and left Facebook years ago, so commenting on Youtube videos is about as close as I get to having an online conversation. Most comments I receive online are kind and helpful, others less so.

Thanks for your help. I also contacted Electro-Smith via the Daisy selection in the contact form, telling them that I was working on the guide and if interested I would send it to them.

Really, the guide was a way for me to put together for myself what I have learned so far and especially the things I need to learn. I am doing this to discipline and focus my efforts on learning Daisy. Originally I felt like a chicken whose head had ‘exploded’ off his body, in terms of the possibilities of the Daisy and, unfortunately, the many things I needed to be proficient in: Pd, Max, even Arduino.