New User: Patch vs Patch.Init()?

I am a eurorack user interested in having a module that would take a CV input and output the derivative of the signal as a CV output. I wasn’t able to find anything that seems to do that, and so this evening I’ve gone down the rabbit hole of seeing if I might be able to DIY it. I have solid software skills (Python and R mainly for data analysis, but some C++ as well) but little to no hardware/electronics skills, and from what I have found tonight I think that the Patch/seed or Patch.Init()/submodule would be the best platform to use for me.

I remain unclear on the relevant differences between these two products. One thing I notice is that the Patch has 2 clearly labeled CV out jacks, whereas the Patch.Init() has 1 jack labeled CV_OUT_1, but then the area labeled CV_OUT_2 is an LED, so I would seemingly not actually be able to use the second CV out, which seems unfortunate to me. For this reason alone I would consider spending the extra $135 for the full-sized Patch.

Obviously if I spring for this purchase I might end up tinkering with things beyond the simple functionality I am interested in implementing right now, so I would appreciate any further info on the distinctions between the 2 products. I have dug around on this forum and I understand that the seed is the older, more established product, and that the submodule was introduced last year, but I haven’t found anything that really drove home to me the ‘purpose’ of the submodule as opposed to the seed.

Yes, CV OUT2 on Patch.init() controls LED intensity. However, its audio outputs (and not inputs) are DC coupled, so you could output arbitrary shapes there unlike on Patch which would remove DC offset from audio outputs.

Thanks, so then on the patch.init() my program can potentially have 3 CV outs if I am willing to forgo the audio outs. In that case I may save myself some cash and opt for that one. Once I have the patch submodule, are there any other shield/interface/front panels or whatever the term is which I could use instead of the patch.Init()? It seems like they are trying to make the submodule the basis of an ecosystem, so it seems weird to me there is seemingly only one option. Perhaps because it is a newer product.

I’m pretty sure the real purpose of patch.Init() is mainly as a demo/example to help sell patch Submodule to hobbyists and small makers of digital Eurorack modules. It’s useful, for sure, but has an odd choice of features. E-S also provides the documentation needed to quickly design modules using Submodule.