New Project Version Control (Git)

Hi there, new to Daisy and I’ve used the to create a new project.
However, I want to move the project out of the ‘DaisyExamples’ directory and in it’s own place on my machine so I can create a git repo that isn’t the one already initialised in that folder.

I can move the project and initialise a new repo, but then how do I link to all the libraries I need to compile and upload?
I’m using VSCode and I have my project working in the DaisyExamples folder, but I don’t want to push my commits to that existing repo!

hi @BlushAudio and welcome to the forum!

So there are two strategies for this:

  1. Use from the DaisyExamples folder to generate new projects outside the Daisy Examples repo (including links to local-versions of the libraries)
  2. Copy and its resources to your new repo.

For number one, you can use the following syntax for a new folder where you have the following desired folder structure:

  • new-repo/
    • libDaisy/
    • DaisySP/
    • CoolProject1
python create /path/to/new-repo/CoolProject -l /path/to/new-repo

this should create a new project with links to the libraries located in new-repo.

For number 2, you should be able to copy the utils/ folder, and and paste it into your new-repo, and use it as before.

Hope that helps!


Perfecto! Thank you!