New project - daisy libs as a submodule?

Hello everyone,

I would like to create a Daisy Seed project on my github, integrating all the libDaisy libraries.
Electrosmith’s tutorials suggest installing the entire Daisy environment with its libraries and then creating your project in a dedicated folder with a Makefile to link the necessary libs.

Is it possible to integrate the Daisy environment as a submodule? It’s possible to do this with JUCE and Cmake, but I was wondering if it’s as easy with Daisy.

Or as soon as I create my new project, I have to integrate all the Daisy libraries.
Or can I just add the .hpp files I need?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Yes, you only need to point to the libDaisy directory to include it.

Just set the LIBDAISY_DIR variable in your project Makefile.