New Electrosmith Team Member: Takumi Ogata!

Hey Everyone,

I wanted to take a moment and introduce a new face on the Electrosmith Team. Please meet @Takumi_Ogata, our new community resource leader!

Takumi Ogata is an electronic musical instruments designer and builder. From creating robotic instruments to tangible controllers, he aims to bring engaging experience for both the performers and audiences in electronic musical performances.

Takumi will be taking the lead on providing invaluable learning resources to the Daisy community, including video content via our YouTube channel, informative posts on the Forum, and answering any and all technical questions brought through the forum and the Daisy Discord.

If he seems familiar to you, Takumi is better known as Sound Simulator on YouTube, where he has authored a plethora of awesome synth DIY videos, as well as a few Daisy related videos :slightly_smiling_face:

Take a moment to say hi and welcome him to the community!


Welcome @Takumi_Ogata !! I’m a huge fan of your YT content, your dry humor and clear explanations have been super helpful to me! Thanks!!


Thank you, Justin! I’m glad that my Sound Simulator videos have been helpful to you!