New daisy board

Hey all,

Check out my new board. I call it “daisy dsp” which is not exactly imaginative. It supports stereo in/out using 1/4in jacks, four analog knobs, a rotary encoder, a serial port (MIDI or logging) and best of all an OLED interface.

I use a service close to me called Express PCB to make the board. For reference it’s $91 for three boards, but they have solder mask, silkscreen and they arrive in a week or less. I haven’t used any of the off-shore services and I’m confident one could make the board for way less. I’m learning KiCad and this will be the first thing I do.

Currently, I am using it with a 128x128 grey scale OLED.

Currently I am using it to add the ST X-AUDIO USB audio to Daisy. But I really like the form factor. It can be fully stuffed and be used on a desk-top or remove the rotary encoder and the OLED, use right angle pots and mount it in a guitar stomp box. It’s almost form-factor for a 1/2 1RU box so that’s nice too.

Anyway, any interest – let me know.


I’m interested. Is it ‘open hardware’ - which to me means the design files, ie schematics, pcb layout, Gerbers, BOM etc, are available?


Yes. It’s fully open.
All the parts are readily available.

This is awesome, thanks for sharing!

Do you have KICad symbol/footprint for the OLED display by any chance?


This is awesome a7v7!
Thank you for sharing :smiley:

Gorgeous spacious layout.

That’s great! Where are the files? If you already supplied the link I missed it.

I’m testing the board and I need to complete the BOM. Will be there by Saturday.

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Thank you, and please don’t feel rushed by me, I just didn’t want to miss it.

I’ve attached the board / BOM.


  1. This is an amateur board. I built it to work out what I need to do to make a real board.
  2. The board fabrication service is Express PCB. Expensive but quick. You can buy 3 of these boards and get them in five working days. Cost $91.

Thse issues will be addressed on a v2 version of the board.

  1. This board will work with the standard SSD130x OLED in libDaisy. I have added a 128x128 color OLED. This works fine but leaks noise into the inputs. The OLED should be on an independent power supply. This board connects it to the daisy-seed.
  2. The analog control pots are too close together. Four potentiometers cannot be placed on the board, there’s just not enough room. If the potentiometers are remote (e.g., front panel), there is no issue.
  3. There’s also a question about the order of the potentiometers on the board. P1…P4 or P4…P1. They can easily be swapped in the code or swapped on the front panel (if you are mounting it in a case).

Otherwise, it works great. I have found porting apps to it takes only a few minutes. I am working on bringing all the seed, petal, and patch demos to DaisyDSP.

ACV (8.8 KB)

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Thanks @a7v7 ! - I never looked at ExpressPCB before - it is very interesting how they are blurring the line between the design software and the PCB supplier.