N v0.4.0-beta the giga reverb bug the daisy patch

Hello, when I test the Multi-app patch the Daisy bug patch and the screen is frozen. I also tested a max patch with the giga only and it is the same result. In version 0.3.0-beta, the giga reverb loads correctly and the Daisy patch works fine.

I have the impression that the cpu is more used in v0.4.0-beta (I tested other of my max patches and it seems to me more cpu hungry)


Thanks for pointing it out!

There have been many changes in libdaisy and also oopsy (to keep up with it), many of which are for adding new features (such as SD card access), and it seems that some of them have added more overhead to the base code size – it appears that the multi-app patch is now too big to fit in the remaining code memory.

I’ll update the multi-app example to be a bit smaller to avoid this.


I was looking at this again today, and I found that the gigaverb patch had a bug in it – fixing that bug also brought the CPU load and code size down, so now the multi-app example works again with many “apps”.

Hello, thanks for the responsiveness and the fixes, I reported this on github 15 days ago. I now know that I will come to this forum :slight_smile: I also noticed other little things: in v0.4.0beta, in midi_io and in the midi_noteouts patch the outputs are reversed between the pitch_out and the vel_out. in the demo patch, the numeric box [* 3] is not connected to [+ 36].