My first Daisy Patch patch

I’ve been experimenting with the Daisy Patch for a couple of weeks now and it’s a GREAT (and powerful) piece of gear!!!
This is a quick video (the code is still a mess, but I’ll clean it up and publish it soon):


That is a really beautiful patch! Nice!

Looking forward to the code! :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing!

What I’ve heard is great, waiting for trying the code

Very nice. Do you have some information how you the ocean sounds were made? What kind of noise, filters etc?

There are three waves (one “far” - two “near”). Each wave is an Attack+Decay+pause envelope on a Pink Noise generator + LP filter (with a lower cutoff on the far wave). In the two “near” waves, when the envelope is reaching the end a new envelope on a White Noise signal is generated (to simulate the foam). All parameters (gain, AD stages, pan and cutoff frequencies) are slightly modulated with random values. I started from the information found about SyntherJack’s “Ocean Noise Generator” but didn’t find enough details about the exact algorithm, so I made some experiments and adjusted the parameters “by ear”.