Most recent CubeMX project?

The CubeMX project in the DaisyExamples repo is 9 months old. Is there a more recent version available? I know a couple people have tried updating themselves or recreating it but straight from the devs would be ideal.

Thank you :blush:

The nine-month old cube file (Rev2 inside of the Rev4 folder because cube did not like renaming the project internally last time I tried it) is the most recent. The pinout should be complete, and the static interfaces (QSPI, FMC, etc.) should be configured to be functional.

Is there a particular part that seems out of date?

Given that Daisy allows for many of it’s pins to be used for different things, it is not possible to keep it completely up to date with every feature because akaik you can only configure the pins for a single peripheral at a time, but if there’s something that seems off, or incorrect I’d be happy to fix it.

I remember having some problems with that official Cube project on Daisy Patch - not sure about the exact details, but I was changing some settings to match actual value that were present in libDaisy at that time. The one I use for running OWL has some extra changes to clocks to run on proper 480Mhz frequency and to fix SAI clock deviation.

Have you even used CubeMx before? Not sure how this can be surprising. This is standard error message to update projects created in older versions, just like it says. So yes, you want to migrate.

That’s one way to do it if you’re not planning to use libDaisy. If actually do want to use that library, you’ll have to figure out how to integrate it your peripherals support on your own. CubeMX exported code can help, but it’s not mandatory.

I might see this wrong but can please someone help me?

When I load the Daisy_Seed_Rev2.ioc file in CubeMX I see pins PE2…6 used for the SAI1 signals.
However, in the Daisy Seed Rev5 schematic I see pins A2,A1,B1…3 used for those signals…

Is there a newer CubeMX ioc-file for Rev5?