More than two CV outputs

Is it possible to use the audio outputs as CV outputs? I have an application that may need more than two CV outputs.

It’s only possible on Patch SM without desoldering some caps, the codec on normal Seed is AC coupled in both board revisions. So if you’ve tagged this with “Daisy Patch” correctly, you can’t do it without hardware modifications.

Are you saying that the Seed module itself is not capable of more than two CV outputs or is it the circuitry on the Patch module that has that restriction?

Codec’s output on Seed and external codec’s output on Daisy Patch have AC-coupling caps.

Sorry, I’m a programmer not an electrical engineer. Which caps would have to be removed from the external CODEC circuits to allow OUT3 and OUT4 to be used for CV outputs? I don’t really want to modify the Seed module.