Monome Grids to Daisy Seed?

I plan to use a Monome Grids + Daisy Seed to convert Monome’s output into CV for my euro rack.

Monome sends serial data out of a USB cable. Can Daisy Seed receive the serial data and convert it into grid info (like row / column / on-off)?

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I believe the grid needs a usb host port to plug in to, and seed only has a usb device port. I don’t know think a grid will actually work plugged in to a micro usb device port.
You are better off buying/building a teletype, which is in part specifically designed to let you program custom CV outputting grid scripts quickly and easily.

Or if you want to go more DIY, something like a Bela or an OWL board, or one of the eurorack modules that use these, which have usb host ports and run pure data, since there are already ways of intergrating grid with pure data quite easily.

Seed has USB host peripheral on its pin, just no actual hardware that uses it. It also doesn’t provide 5V for USB, so external chips are required. And then there’s no software support for the kind of endpoint that Grids needs.

Bela might work as it runs Linux and drivers for serial USB, but best to check their forums. In case of OWL there is no support for serial USB in firmware just like with libDaisy. USB host is only usable only for MIDI or HID at the moment. Then you’d need to modify firmware to expose this data to patches.

Except that both run Heavy rather than puredata and you get less working objects this way. Theoretically you can run patches via libPd on Bela, but they perform much worse.

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