Mini JTAG header to connect ST-Link

I have managed to get a mini header part for the Daisy SM but it is male to female header and looking at the holes they are so small it is impossible to connect with Dupont cables. Comparing the male connector side would not fit a eurorack power connector either the same you can with the Daisy header which looks normal size.

Is the Mini JTAG header bigger on one side to fit JTAG eurorack connector? Does anyone have a link or know where I can get this part?

Just think of all the money you saved by not buying ST-LINK V3-mini…

Just kidding. The V3-mini comes with the correct cable for use with Daisy.

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I have the Daisy SM not Daisy. I already have the ST-LINK V2 which I’ve been using with the STM32F103 and works perfectly fine. I’ve having trouble sourcing the correct JTAG header part for the Daisy PCB. The Daisy SM header is a micro one, the part I got is smaller than the Daisy one which is why it doesnt connect to a normal JTAG eurorack cable.

You can see it in this pic here. It looks like it is larger on this side (normal) compared to the micro pins on the board size. Is there a part number for this?


You can see here how small the holes are compared to the normal size header.

I found the link on the Electrosmith website under parts. The link is broken on the Daisy SM product page.

After much searching I found CPC Farnell do these here in the UK and BlueSkyComponents on ebay.

These look correct:

Ahh yes, the header.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
We just updated the SM product page with a link to the Mouser page for that component.