MIDI issues in Daisy Seed since last libDaisy updates

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I am working on getting a midi connection with Daisy Seed. I was sucessful using my arturia Keystep to trigger AdEnv envelopes, but as I was starting implementing an ADSR envelope, I noticed that the function asNoteOff() and the NoteOff event type were missing from the midi.h file that I cloned from the current Daisy examples repository. So, I updated my libDaisy files with the ones cloned from the current libDaisy repository, since I’ve figured out (maybe incorrectly) that the libDaisy link refered in the Daisy examples repository is leading me to an older version of the library. So, right now, with the “new version” I can’t create MidiHandler instances since it asks for some Parameters (?) and also I cannot use the some internal midi handler because the DaisySeed class does the midiUartHandler attribute.

Can someone share some light ?

Sorry for the lousy english :grimacing:

Thank you !

MIDI APIs were reworked recently, so yeah, old MidiHandler won’t work as-is. Have you looked into the updated Midi example? DaisyExamples/Midi.cpp at master · electro-smith/DaisyExamples · GitHub

Here’s actual code changes: Midi handler wrapup by beserge · Pull Request #350 · electro-smith/libDaisy · GitHub


Thanks @brbrr ! I noticed that. Thank you for sharing the actual pull request refering to this change. I managed to solve it. It was a simple syntax fix.

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For reference, these are the changes I had to do on my Daisy Seed (there is no MIDI example for the Seed):

Change def of midi object from

MidiHandler midi;


MidiUartHandler midi;

In main(), change init of object from

midi.Init(MidiHandler::INPUT_MODE_UART1, MidiHandler::OUTPUT_MODE_NONE);


MidiUartHandler::Config midi_config;

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Probably good to note, we’ll be updating the changelog for all future changes to libdaisy.

Admittedly, the code example for the Midi changes isn’t as thorough as it could have been.


No worries, but the libdaisy.pdf doc seems to lag behind, too.

I looked at what was happening in the daisy_pod.* files. :slightly_smiling_face: At lot of things that comes out of the box for the other units can be found there and used for us Seed hackers! :grin:

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I think that including a daisySeed dedicated MIDI example in the DaisyExamples repo would be very helpful in that sense. :slightly_smiling_face:
I dont know what are the pull requests ethics and praxis by eEectrosmith, but I would be very glad to contribute with an example like that.

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Great, just go for it @viniciusfersil! :slight_smile:

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