MIDI in schamatics

Hello guys,
I’m a software guy, not an hardware guy. I would like to connect to add Midi In to my Daisy Seed.

I have found this schematics. The difference is that I use 1N914TR diode instead of 1N418.

Here is my bread board

Do you see any issue. Is it safe to plug with Seed ?

Thanks by advance


The connection to a Daisy is implemented exactly the same way a MIDI input is connected to a 'duino.
Looks good to me.

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Thanks, for your quick answer. I have just realised that I power the Seed by USB, so no VIN and therefor no +5V available.Can I power the 6n138 in 3.3V ? Does the R value will change ?
Thanks by advance

The Daisy Seed also operates on 3.3vdc, so, yes you can replace the Teensy with a Daisy Seed without modifying your circuit. I should have said that the Daisy reduces the USB 5vdc to 3.3vdc and uses that for it’s IO. But still, yes, it will work no problems as there is no need to step down the voltage.

3.3V on the 6N138 is marginal. But give it a try, it won’t damage anything, just not work or make occasional errors

Thanks for your anwser :slight_smile:

Ok thanks, I’ll give a try. Otherwise, I will power the Daisy Seed with external 5V power suply since I don’t need USB (I program the Seed using SWD)

I confirm that this schematics works, with 5V power supply. I have not yet tried with 3.3V.


Did you try it with 3.3V?