MI Rings (Torus) port for patch.Init()

I’ve ported Torus (Mutable Instruments Rings) to the patch submodule, with the controls set up for patch.Init(). I’ve got a PR here: Port Torus to patch.Init() by huwshimi · Pull Request #293 · electro-smith/DaisyExamples · GitHub.

I don’t have the exact patch.Init() hardware so I’d love it if someone could give it a go and also make sure the readme makes sense etc.

Not sure yet if it’ll get accepted into the DaisyExamples repo, but if not I’ll try and put it up somewhere else.


Hey whatnot!

I’m sorry for the delay in response.
Thank you so much for porting the Torus to the Patch SM! I brought this up to the team and you should be notified over there when it’s reviewed. Thank you for the wait!

Nice job! I get some lovely sounds on my patch.init(). I don’t know Rings but the basics are definitely sounding good. BUT… I don’t think CV_5 for notes is doing anything. Just plays the same note?

Hi @Donnerbono glad it’s working for you. For the v/oct input you need to do two things. Firstly you need to follow the calibration instructions and then you need to set the normalise state (this is because Rings behaves differently when using v/oct in and the patch.Init() doesn’t have a way to detect whether a cable is present).

If you’ve followed both of those and it’s still not working let me know.

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That’s better! Exciter I can’t get going, turning that on turns noises off, but I don’t remember liking that anyway when using Rings. Again, probably user error. Thanks for this.