Metal Fetishist, a Percussion Synthesizer with a randomness sequencer

Hi everyone! I am new to the forum and I’d like to show a Daisy Seed based project I’ve been working on. It’s getting close to a production prototype stage and I plan on releasing it during the next few months.

The Metal Fetishist is a noise-oriented percussion synthesizer that features a loopable randomness sequencer (something like an extremely simplified turing machine), a eurorack-compatible CV section and MIDI input for clock sync.

The sound engine is quite simple, it includes a single oscillator, a white noise source, a resonant multi-mode filter and a digital distortion section with downsampling and overdrive. Most of the fun happens on the sequencer, that has control of random trigger skips, random step modulation, and also can run its clock at audio rates and turn the synth into a noise drone machine. The randomness sequencing can be “locked” into a selection of repeatable step lengths. Trust me it’s super fun to use :slight_smile:

This is the first instrument I plan on actually releasing so I am super excited to finally start showing it more openly. Can’t wait to see what people think of it.


Wonderful! Reminds me of Benjolin!

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AGGRESSIVE :fire::fire:
I love industrial music, so this looks like absolute fun to play with.

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Could you please explain what you meant by “an extremely simplified turing machine”?

Of course! Thanks for asking. Let me try to explain it.

The Turing Machine is a Eurorack module by Music Thing Modular that creates looping clocked stepped sequences. I only mentioned it for comparison as it’s a famous module that some people are familiar with. The Metal Fetishist has a randomness sequencer that behaves like a simplified version of that, much less powerful and with much less features or course. And that’s where my comparison comes from.

The way it works on my instrument is like this: you have two randomness generatores. The first one called Random Skips allows you to select a % of trigger skipping. When at middle position the instrument will trigger 50% of the time randomly when in Play mode at a selected clock speed, move it to left means less skipping so more triggers, move to right means more skipping so less triggers. That’s just purely random. The second randomness generator called Random Step Mod generates a completely random modulation value every time the instrument triggers. You can select if that modulates the oscillator pitch, the filter cutoff or the amount of white noise coming into the filter. Because that happens on every sequence step, you can generate infinite random melodies for example. The looping part comes with the big knob called STEPS. When selecting a step length of 8 for example, the instrument will repeat the last 8 random triggers and modulation values forever. If you move that knob to the left and select 4, the second half of those random values will be lost and you end up with a 4 steps sequence. Move it to the right again and you get another 8 steps sequence that keeps the first half you had but has generated a completely new second half. You can move it to OFF anytime to disable the looping and generate completely new random values before locking it into a looping length again.

I am happy to answer questions if anything is not clear.

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Is your plan to make this device available as a finished product, or to open-source for DIY?

It will be released as a product in a couple months and there are other instruments I am working on that will come up after it.

You can check the website and Instagram account (@ bodysynths) for updates

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Ah, thank you, I was not aware of the Eurorack module at all, so I was thinking of the Computer Science meaning of Turing Machine and I didn’t see how you could simplify it! It makes sense now.

@tunagenes that was also my reaction when I read about the turing machine module :smile:

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@Xavi These are the sounds I’ve been dreaming of! Any chance of a Eurorack release of this? I’d love to mount this in my Euro case.

Thanks @salmonofknowledge! I agree it would be fun in Eurorack version and other people have commented on it. But I think a proper Eurorack port would require more CV modulation, access to audio ins and outs of filter and distortion, modulation of the STEPS parameter, etc. That would be amazing but it would be a separate project that would took time from my current roadmap. So it won’t happen anytime soon.

This is great!!! I love the noisy drum sounds and the random options. Now to see if anyone ships to australia.