Menus and UI using Gen~ on the Daisy Field

Hey everyone!

I just received my Patch and Field and have already sketched out some ideas for a very complex and tweakable sequencer, however I want to know what the capabilities of creating additional menus/custom screens when using Oopsy to program it as I’m not familiar with C++.

So, I basically just want to know if there’s any way of creating menus like how you would switch between the oscilloscope, patch specs, parameters, etc. but between multiple pages of parameters, pitch values, etc. For example if I were to change the pitch of a step in a sequence would I be able to look at a page with a graph or even a small window displaying the pitch of a certain step?

This might be ambitious since I am brand new to gen~ and Oopsy, but I am very familiar with the rest of Max so I’m hoping to use this project as a way to dive in and create something I’ve been wanting for myself. Also, for context, I’m hoping to design a sequencer inspired by the Orthogonal Devices ER-101 with some features featured in the Elektron boxes.

Thanks in advance for the tips and advice!

Ok, so I think I have just realized there’s no capability of any of this for the field as there is no encoder to change extra parameters, and I may be mistaken but I haven’t even found a way to show what values the knobs are set to on a page. It’s just the oscilloscope, patch details, and a blank screen (what for?).

Someone please correct me if I’m wrong, I feel like the Field is much more limiting than I had expected it to be. Hopefully this can be updated in the future

On daisy patch click and hold the encoder and rotate. You will find a screen to show your parameters and you can access additional parameters that are not mapped to the regular 4. You will also find a window that lets you change patches if you have loaded more than one

yea I mean for the Field. I know how to switch pages on both of them but on the field there is no parameter page or encoder to change parameters

I would get on the slack channel and ask about it

Also the manual says this. Maybe the manual is correct?

Field : Long-hold SW1 to enter mode selection; tap SW2 until you get to the app menu, and release SW1. The currently-loaded app is displayed in inverted text. Tap SW2 to select an app (marked with > ) and push SW1 to load it.