Memory expansion?

Hi Chaps

I’ve been away from Daisy for nearly 5 months while I’ve been contracting ( JavaScript and React ) to pay the bills.
Has anyone hooked up additional memory to their Seed ?
I’m thinking of Fram memory.
Any initial ideas / thoughts ?


My initial thought is “64Mb should be enough for everyone”.

Well yes it’s a lot.
I was thinking of storing some data to another memory source to be called back at a later stage rather than keeping it in precious sram.
My sram was getting full due to buffers required for effects and a signal path/flow I was trying to implement.

I’m resurrecting my project after a few months away from it. Just wanted any ideas or suggestions

So are you running out of space on SRAM or SDRAM? Why mention both of them?

SDRAM apologies for any ambiguity.

I’ve managed to get it working using spi after reading a few articles.
This one in particular

For my project I’m not using the Seed API / Library btw.

Do you mean SPI or QSPI like the article describes, including memory mapping mode? That would be pretty cool.

Would be interesting to hear more about this, i.e. benchmark FRAM vs SDRAM performance with something demanding lots of bandwidth (maybe a reverb).

I have some plans for replacing SPI SRAM with FRAM on one device (using STM32F3 chip), so would really like to know how it works in practice.