MEGATRON VERSIO 2.0 - Dirty & noisy Monotron Delay alike for Noise Engineering Versio

Lately, I found out about the Oopsy platform on github for MAX MSP, which allows to program the Electrosmith Daisy Seed in gen~, so I started to tinker my own firmware for the Noise Engineering Versio platform!

And here it is: welcome the Megatron Versio !
This is my own take for the Versio platform, inspired by an old noise device I still own and use sometimes: a modified Korg Monotron Delay !


I always enjoyed the Versio platfrom and its delays, but sometimes I always missed something simpler, and more brutal.
Hence, I came up with this one! The core this firmware is a simple delay (max. tempo 1s), with few overdrives and resonant low pass filters all over the place!
Since I own an Electus Versio, the Megatron’s knob layout is labeled according to the factory panel, but it makes sense also if you load Magetron on other Versios with delay panels, like Desmodus, Imitor, Melotus, Yester.

So, after all this intro blablabla… you might ask: What is Megatron about?
Absolutely don’t expect a CLEAN delay!
This is a super dirty delay, which likes to scream and generate wicked noises (also by itself alone). It can kind of do clean delays, but more akin to a good old (maybe broken) analog delay.
It does flanging and filtering/combing effects very well, you can use it as a distortion effect, and with CV modulation you can practically unleash an Armageddon!
Since there are few filters and overdrives under the hood Megatron can be very LOUD, and noisy (especially in the 3rd gain mode you can use it as a white/colored noise generator).
I designed the overdrive gain staging to have different gain setting and configurations. This is set with the upper ABC switch (see control section for details), for example on the center and right positions an overdrive is also applied to the Dry sound you feed into Megatron!

Gain and feedback knobs are very interactive.

Knob 1 – Dry/Wet Blend
Knob 3 – LP Filter cut-off Freq
Knob 5 - Feedback (0-110%)
Knob 2 - Modulation Speed (from very slow up to low freq. audio range)
Knob 4 – Modulation Depth
Knob 6 – Delay Time (about 30ms, up to 1s)
Knob 7 – Overdrives Gain & Filter Q

FSU Button – Instant 120% Feedback (it can be very LOUD!) Fade in time is dependent on the Delay Time knob.

ABC Switch – Gain Staging
• Left: Dry clean – Delay Loop with low gain overdrive.
• Center: Dry with mid gain overdrive - Delay Loop with mid gain overdrive – additional pre delay Overdrive circuit.
• Right: Dry with high gain overdrive - Delay Loop with high gain overdrive – additional Overdrives pre delay circuit and post feedback loop filtering.

XYZ Switch – LFO Shape
• Left: slightly asymmetric Triangle
• Center: Sine
• Right: Random

VERSION 2.0 … share_link

Give it a try, have fun and let me know what you think.

Here few sounds and noisees with it (with a Plaits as sound source):


Dirty and noisy indeed! Thank you so much for sharing the firmware with the community.
I listened to the demo (as I don’t have a Versio to play this firmware with), and I really dig how nicely uncontrollable it can sound! Would be curious to hear how it sounds with a drum :slight_smile:

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Thank you Takumi! I can organize that, actually I wanted to make. A demo video of it soon.
I can also include a drum machine part.
I could also share the MAX patch, so that you can have a look what’s inside.


Nice! Looking forward to it!

That would be amazing! Thank you so much for being generous :smiley:

Here you go:

this is the 2.0 max file. But I’m already working on a Rev 3.0, which is all about fine tuning.


This is gnarly!
So easy to mangle the drum until it’s completely transformed! :fire:

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Very cool stuff! I saw this on modwiggler and will definitely have to try it out soon. It sounds wonderful in the demo. Definitely a really big fan of delays and distortion!