Maximum Current for digital Pins

I want to create a guitar pedal with true bypass using Omron GV5-1 relais. They draw about 30mA in operation, although with a suitable series resistance the current can be brought down to ~20mA I sucessfully used this part directly from Arduino pins before, which is why I wondered if there are any current limits I need to know (per pin, per board).

Alternatively it might be smarter to run the whole thing on it’s own LDO, but I want to explore all the options first.

These are from the respective product pages:

Thanks I already had a look at these, they didn’t answer the question of how much current I am allowed to source/sink per GPIO pin tho. I will have a look at STM-docs, just thought this was some known information.

There are lots of numbers in the STM32H750 datasheet. I think it’s 20ma per pin and 140ma total for all pins.

This sounds in line with comparable microcontroller specs. I guess I already decided to go the mosfet switching-external-LDO-route, the relais is a bit unreliable when you run it at 20mA.