Make program-dfu error

Hi there, Ive started goofing with just the seed on its own and have successfully programed the blink through arduino and the drum example program through the web programmer.

I tried making a change in the kick drums wave to be a square wave instead of triangle:

osc.SetWaveform(Oscillator::WAVE_SQUARE); //was _TRI

I made the change in notepad++ and saved it. Through the cmd line I performed a “make clean all” and attempted a “make program-dfu” while in bootload mode and after following Zadig driver upgrade. I receive the following error from the make program-dfu command

Any suggestion would be much appreciated :slight_smile: :thinking:

This is related to a recent change in the dfu-util utility. This should already be fixed.

Lines 289-290 of DaisyExamples/libdaisy/core/Makefile should read (specifically check for the comma at the end):

	dfu-util -a 0 -s $(FLASH_ADDRESS):leave -D $(BUILD_DIR)/$(TARGET_BIN) -d ,0483:df11

In your screenshot it appears this comma is missing, which leads me to think your libdaisy is slightly out of date.

You can fix this by running the following from DaisyExamples/

git pull --recurse-submodules

If the problem persists or you have an error running the above you can run the following from inside of libdaisy to make sure it is up to date:

git checkout master
git pull origin master

Hope that helps!

Those instructions were great, I had to run the following first.

git checkout master
git pull origin master

I’m not sure but the git pull --recurse-submodules wouldn’t run until I deleted the drum.cpp file. I’m thinking because I had made changes to it. There was an error saying something like commit or discard my changes. I simply deleted the file and it seemed to run after that.

One thing very odd though since the

git pull --recurse-submodules

The drum.bin file is missing :thinking: Is that from something on my end or just a coincidence ?

I tried and was successful with

make program-dfu

on another example and it loaded just fine to the daisy seed.


Fantastic!! Glad you got it working.

I suspect that the changes were the reason for the failure of the git pull --recurse-submodles.

Git would have seen the changes to the drum.cpp file and made sure that it didn’t accidentally overwrite those (in case they were important). It’ll tell you what files are causing issues and you can just delete or rename which ever ones it mentions, and then it should work.

None of the individual .bin files are tracked on git (only the ones in the dist/ folder). So not sure why the one you had disappeared unless you ran make clean, or manually deleted the build folder.

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Actually I did run make clean all at one point earlier in the troubleshooting. Im quite green with this and didn’t realize this would remove the bin files. How can I go about rebuilding them