Mac: No DFU capable USB device available


I am trying to follow the seed Setting Up Your Development Environment guide on a Mac (12.3.1) and I’m stuck.

Initially when running the install.command script I get:

==> Running brew cleanup dfu-util

Error: Cask ‘gcc-arm-embedded’ is unavailable: No Cask with this name exists.

find: /usr/local/Caskroom/gcc-arm-embedded: No such file or directory

find: /usr/local/Caskroom/gcc-arm-embedded: No such file or directory


Saving session…

…copying shared history…

…saving history…truncating history files…


[Process completed]

I then tried running the commands from the script and with:

brew install ./gcc-arm-embedded.rb --cask

…I got /usr/local/Caskroom/gcc-arm-embedded

After this I ran the next command from the script:

find /usr/local/Caskroom/gcc-arm-embedded -type f -perm +111 -print | xargs spctl --add --label “gcc-arm-embedded”

When I then open the Blink example in VS Code and run task build_all, I get a warning for build_daisysp and build_libdaisy saying:

Error: Invalid problemMatcher reference: $gcc

Trying to run task build_and_program_dfu I get:

dfu-util: Warning: Invalid DFU suffix signature

dfu-util: A valid DFU suffix will be required in a future dfu-util release

dfu-util: No DFU capable USB device available

make: *** [program-dfu] Error 74

The terminal process “/bin/zsh ‘-c’, ‘make clean; make; make program-dfu’” terminated with exit code: 2.

I have tried different USB cables and given the Chrome web programmer (Daisy Web Programmer) is working, this does not seem to be the issue.

I don’t know if these different issues are connected but I’d really like to be able to deploy from VS Code so any help is much appreciated!


When I run ./dfu-util -l with the seed in bootloader mode, it does find the seed:

dfu-util 0.11


Found DFU: [0483:df11] ver=0200, devnum=2, cfg=1, intf=0, path=“20-2”, alt=1, name="@Option Bytes /0x5200201C/01*128 e", serial=“200364500000”

Found DFU: [0483:df11] ver=0200, devnum=2, cfg=1, intf=0, path=“20-2”, alt=0, name="@Internal Flash /0x08000000/16*128Kg", serial=“200364500000”


Looks like the problem was that I had the Cortex-Debug extension enabled. At least now it appears to be working.

You need to run a Mac OS 11 in Parallel connecting the hardware USB to use DFU as Mac OS 12 has changed the kernel which DFU will no longer be supported. Or maybe a patch is coming hopefully.

Hi kuhoyip,

I actually tried on Big Sur first but had the same issues. Also, the Cortex-Debug extension unfortunately wasn’t the problem. It’s just not stable and sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t :frowning:


I use Big Sur but having no problem on the DFU. Maybe the updated version of DFU not friendly with Mac OS now.