M1 Mac / USB port driver?

Hi. I have a DaisyPod here which I bought around March 2021. At that time I was using an Intel Macbook Pro to program it with no issues. There’s still a working sketch in the Daisy’s flash memory.

I recently upgraded to an M1 Macbook Pro. I went through the instructions to install STM32Cube and the board defns and libraries, but I’m not even seeing a serial port in the Arduino menu or in /dev/ … does there need to be a driver? Is there even an M1-compatible driver?

The Arduino IDE is working fine: I just tested it with an ESP8266 board and no issues there.

EDIT: I also tried the browser-based uploader, but when I press the connect button the only device it lists is “USB Billboard device - paired”, whatever that is.


OK, working now. Followed instructions at 1a. Getting Started (Arduino Edition) · electro-smith/DaisyWiki Wiki · GitHub

Must’ve been something I wasn’t doing, or some menu setting that wasn’t right. I’ve been using Arduino IDE with so many different microcontrollers recently (at least 7) that my brain is getting a bit scrambled.