Looking to buy an oscilloscope


I am looking to buy an oscilloscope for audio signals. There is an DIY kit from Korg, but it looks too basic. Ideally, it should be a compact one under $300. Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated.

We have a topic over on the Zynthian forum on this very topic, it’s been going for a while, definitely worth a read:


No endorsement, but just price features

Here is what I have been using for my project:

Logic Analyzers from Saleae - #1 with Professional Engineers

Super compact and very. very good. We used it to debug the I2C protocol, to checking voltages across the system.

The area where this does not work well is looking at the +/- 12V power supply as the voltage range is not quite that wide of a rage… or at least with the one I have. :slight_smile:

Hope that helps.

The OP says ‘audio signals’. For casual use, at voltages found in microcontroller circuits, a budget of $150-$300 gets a 2-channel digital scope, with other useful features, like FFT, serial decoding. A full logic analyzer probably isn’t appropriate for most hobbyists.

For general use in Eurorack, as opposed to development/debugging , I’m craving a Mordax Data.

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Here’s a YouTube video about a very cute, inexpensive, pocket size, open source oscilloscope with a built-in signal generator. I’m sure it’s not a very good scope from a spec standpoint but it might be good enough for some use. I did not see any indications that the schematics or PCB layout were available (‘open hardware’).

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