Libdaisy - Write your own firmware on the Noise Engineering Versio!

Hi there,

I’m Ankoor and I’m a firmware developer (or as my business card puts it - “Lead Singer”) at Noise Engineering. We at Noise Engineering are SUPER excited to announce that the Libdaisy library now supports the Versio hardware!

Versio? What’s that?
In August 2020, we released the Desmodus Versio, Noise Engineering’s reverb. Maybe you heard about it:

  • It’s a pretty kick-ass reverb
  • It’s a stereo DSP platform
  • It’s based on the Daisy Seed

You can now use the DaisyVersio C++ code (daisy_versio.h in the Libdaisy library) to create your very own Versio module firmware. The interface includes functions to read the gate input, seven CV inputs, the two toggle switches, and the tap switch. You can control the four RGB leds. You can use code modules from DaisySP to set up stereo audio-effects processing.

Check out the example DaisyVersio project, where the Versio is set up as a stereo bitcrusher with CV control. If you have any questions about DaisyVersio or writing firmware for the Versio, please post them to this thread and I will do my best to answer them!

– Ankoor (Lead Singer)


Congratulations! But I wonder how many people won’t see past post’s title and will think that it’s DV stock firmware that got open sourced. When in reality it’s libDaisy that got support for using this device with your own code and a sample project.

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Thank you for pointing that out - the title is now updated to indicate clearly that Libdaisy now supports Noise Engineering Versio modules.

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Very excited to see what comes of this project!

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Very cool. Having NE involved to this degree in this community provides (for me at least) quite a bit of confidence in the future of the platform. If @ankoor and @stephen would also share some of their DSP scraps (like a fixed sample rate Daisy Manis Iteritas :wink:), that’d be the bee’s knees.

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