libDaisy + DaisySP on PlatformIO

Hello everyone!

Tenkai from Zetaohm here. I am working on putting together an example project for DaisySP and libDaisy using PlatformIO. So far, I have forked both DaisySP and libDaisy and created library.json files for both which has enabled PlatformIO to properly compile at least libDaisy. I am able to compile, link and upload code successfully.

My problems begin when I try and get any of the sound generating examples to work. It appears that the DSP loops are stuck making a single tone, and it appears the same no matter which example I put in the main.cpp file. Not being super familiar with the code, I am not entirely sure how to begin troubleshooting it. I have a feeling it might have to do with the sram access, thats just a hunch.

Here is the code base I am working with:

If you clone it, make sure to do a git submodule init; git submodule update since I have two submodules for each of the forked library repos.

Any pointers would be much appreciated!


I have got DSP now working!

I renamed the repo, because I guess I diddn’t realize it needed the stm32cube framework instead of the CMSIS framework.

I also modified libDaisy and DaisySP to have library.json files that replace the makefiles, as well as removed the stm32 driver files from libDaisy since they interfered with compilation. But now that I am typing this, I realized that I could probably have just omitted those files from the library.json file. If this is submitted to platformio to be added to their library repo, that should probably be the way it is deployed to maintain a single code base.

Anywho, anybody who wishes to use platformio with the daisypod using stm32cube instead of Daisyduino can now do so!