Knobs and LEDs are inverted

I have a strange issue that the knobs and leds are inverted.
For example I have connected simple led and an onboard UserLed to the same switch and when I press the switch one led is turning on while the other turns off. But according to the pure data patch that I made they should work the same.
Also pots are inverted as well.
I think I did all the connections right according to this page:

Can anybody please help with this?

Hi @mirko I’d like to help, but would need more information: the Pd patch, a pic of what you’ve built, what you think should happen, and what does happen.

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Here are all the pics.
Acording to the pd patch, the leds should light up together, but when I press the switch one led turns on while the other goes off and when I press it again its the vice versa.

Also, when I turn the knob fully CW the volume goes down and I think I connected it properly like in the examples page on github.
I could replace the GND and the 3V3 pins in the knob and then the knob works in opposite, but that doesn’t solve the switch problem.

As for the potentiometer, you have the power and ground opposite in the photo.
Which example page on github are you referring to?

As for the LED, I did something similar with the Pod just now and I was able to get the onboard LED on the Seed and one of the RGB led light up together with a button press.

Which of the two LEDs is not turning on when you press the button? Could you make sure the long leg of the LED (the one on the breadboard) is connected to the digital out and the shorter leg is connected to the ground?