Issues with new Visual Studio setup

First off, I searched the forum for solutions but couldn’t find anything that helps.

I have two related questions:

  1. How do I set up a sample project like, say pod/MultiEffect, in Visual Studio 2022? There is no .sln file. I can open the folder in VS… and then what? Basically, I want to be able to jump back and forth between MultiEffect.cpp and the libDaisy + DaisySP code.

  2. This link describes something similar and I followed the steps:

It’s a new embedded project and I added to the solution the libDaisy and DaisySP projects.

However, when I build from VS, I get errors in libDaisy. (I have this thread about it:

At this point I’m stuck and would appreciate any input.

I might go crazy with this stuff soon…

I resolved some of the libDaisy build errors that looks like were happening due to folder conflicts in the STM32 Devices installation. I had a set of older HAL drivers in my project folder and newer ones in the /AppData/Local/xxx installation.

I simply copied the newer folders and overwrote the older ones in my project folder. Now I’m getting different errors that are not due to my setup anymore.

Drivers/STM32H7xx_HAL_Driver/Src/stm32h7xx_hal_dma.c:302:26: error: ‘DMA_SxCR_TRBUFF’ undeclared

The include is stm32h7xx_hal.h, but there is no DMA_SxCR_TRBUFF in that header file, or in any file for that matter.

It looks like the STM32 Devices installation came with missing stuff… Any suggestion what I could do? I’ve been running in circles for hours.

BTW, works fine with libDaisy, it’s the build inside Visual Studio that fails.

Well… it’s official, DMA_SxCR_TRBUFF is not fully implemented.

The STM release notes state:

Add support for DMA_SxCR_TRBUFF

I’m not sure what to say, this is a first… I never encountered a situation where the software is knowingly released with bugs.

I don’t know how to make Visual Studio ignore those issues when building.

It looks like no one here experienced anything similar, probably everyone uses or has an older, functioning version in their VS. I guess down I go the rabbit hole again looking for some fix.

I got again from Github the drivers from the libDaisy repository

I don’t get anymore any errors in STM like I was getting for DMA_SxCR_TRBUFF.

However, in libdaisy.vcxproj.filters and libdaisy.vcxproj there are many compiler references to various .h and .c files that simply don’t exist. I removed them manually from those two files and the libDaisy builds now successfully from Visual Studio build. Not sure though if this will have a negative impact.

All in all, the implementation of the libDaisy VS solution seems to not be mature at this point. I wish I had known this from the beginning and save me the many hours chasing my tail.