Issue exporting with oopsy (start success dictionary..) [not solved]

When exporting with oopsy, I get a start success dictionary message and then nothing happens. Well I get .cpp and .h files, but no build.

When running this on previous projects that have a proper build file:
make -j4
make program-dfu

I am able to successfully upload them to Daisy. I’ve got this error when I was in a project and not the solo file, but this is not the case today.

I have also validated all of the tool chains successfully. Redownloaded Oopsy and rebuilt the libdaisy library. But no oopsy export will get past that first line.

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Ok but really thanks for help and hopefully this is just a simple fix.

I recently solved the issue by reinstalling max. I then opened it up today with no changes and have the same error. Did not change anything besides turning my computer off.

“oopsy-verbose: start success dictionary u594000680”

running oopsy/source/ exports oopsy stuff and uploads it to daisy patch sucessfully.