Is there any way to have analog pot values only read when they are moved?

Using the daisy seed and want the values to not be continuously read and instead only change the variables once someone has physically moved the pots.

Yes, in software

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Thank you! Although it doesn’t seem like any solution fixes parameters changing when switching modes. I have every knob mapped to different effects based on which mode you’re in. But whenever I switch modes it suddenly remaps everything to the current pot value. I feel like I’m close to a solution in my head but can’t seem to make it real, any ideas?

Your new parameters must be locked when entering a new mode, then you won’t change any values unless it gets unlocked due to being close to threshold. Or you could lock current values when leaving the mode for the same effect. Also don’t forget to do something with default parameter states, i.e. lock all params not belonging to default mode.

Perfect I figured it out thank you so much! Just had forgotten a few simple lines