Is there any case for the Daisy Pod?


I was wondering if there is any CASE to protect the Daisy Pod?

I mean some “box” to enclose it and not leave all the circuitry exposed.

Thanks in advance, regards.

There’s no official one. Check the daisy hardware repo – if there’s anything there with they layout, it wouldn’t be hard to 3d print one. I found the electronic schematics, but no design file with the physical layout.

Honestly, though, the pod is so simple in what it does that you could probably just move all the components onto a breadboard and make your own to fit whatever kind of case you have / can produce.

Hi, thank you for your answer, but I have no idea how to print a 3D design… that’s why I asked if anyone knows if such a case exists. : /

I use whatever I can find at home to put my electronics projects in. The last one I mounted inside a cigar box (a DIY classic).

You can use standoffs to fasten the breadboard/Pod in the box (although I have to admit that I don’t see any screw holes on the Pod – I don’t own one myself, only Seeds).

Here is a good link for ideas:

KOMA Elektronik sells some unused wooden boxes for their Field Kits:

Hope this helps. But the answer to your original question is no. :slight_smile:


The Daisy pod does have screw holes. I think it might even have come with standoffs, but I don’t remember.

There may be community 3d printers that are accessible – my local library has a basic maker space with laser cutter and 3d printer, and they hold classes in using them, and charge for materials at cost.


StaffanMelin, sharps, thanks for the answers, I appreciate! :wink:

I will take note of your suggestions, screwing it to some wood box may be a starting point to protect it a bit. Sad that no one with enough knowledge and ability has decided to make some case that fits the Daisy Pod, maybe they could even make some money from it. Just giving ideas…

Best regards!

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