Is there an NPRN encode/decode supported by default?


As I am looking at the MIDI work I am doing, I’d like to be able to use 14bit NPRN messages. I was wondering if there was native support for this in oopsy.midi? If not, it would be a nice to have item in the future. :slight_smile:


I’m not totally up to speed on how NRPNs work, but is it a series of CC messages? E.g. CC98 (val=MSB) CC99 (val=LSB)?

If so then there’s not currently direct support for NRPNs, but you could patch it right now. Create a [param midi_cc98] and [param midi_cc99]. When the midi_cc99 value changes (detect via [change]), latch it and latch the midi_cc98 value too. Divide the midi_cc99 by 127, add it to the midi_cc99 value, and you have a 14-bit signal that runs from 0…1.

(or if you wanted integers, multiply midi_cc99 by 128, add midi_cc98, and multiply the result by 128 again.)

I don’t know that I have anything that sends/receives NRPNs so I can’t really test it here, but if that works, then I could very easily convert that into something built into oopsy so we can have param nrpn.

But it’s very possible I’m misunderstanding how NRPNs work…


I’m just learning the NPRN work as well. I wanted to ensure I can have higher resolution on a few areas of my work. Here is what else I found:

  1. NPRN Type are the CCs: 99 (MSB) and CC 98 (LSB), as you noted above
  2. NPRN Data/Value are the CCs of: 6 (course/MSB) and 38 (fine/LSB) for the values.

Here is one of the places I was reading about NPRN:
NRPN - Wikipedia

What you have noted sounds great, and i’ll give that a try.

Thank you for the suggestion, and in the future, it seems like it would be nice to have an NPRN option in the midi handler, but clearly not needed. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the help and suggestions.

I find this site to be a a great resource on NRPNs NRPN tutorial / How to - General Discussion - Elektronauts

Something to consider, from what I’ve gathered is that “not all devices may send the LSB value” - so if you latch the MSB value and are waiting for the LSB value, you ‘might’ not get it.

Also, of course the data implementation is use-case specific - really, you just get 7 or 14 bits of data, weather this is 0-n, -n-0-+n or boolean etc is entirely up to not only the sender but the target implementation as well.

That said, I currently haven’t worked with anything that sends RPN/NRPN values yet, I am sticking with plain CC for now for my stuff…

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I added an issue to track this here: Support (N)RPN midi IO · Issue #51 · electro-smith/oopsy · GitHub – feel free to add more detail if you can.

As I say, I don’t have any hardware that does NRPNs and I’ve read that they can be implemented quite differently on different hardware, so I’m a bit hesitant to dig into it, but if there’s general use cases we can map out I’m happy to look at them. At least, I learned that Max now has NRPN IO so I can test somewhat that way.