Is there a simple-to-find collection of firmwares for Patch?


Received my Patch and tried some of the example firmwares. Nice!
But when I go looking for more firmwares I always end up on Github and read things like repo, compile, initialize, subchain, etc. None of these things mean anything to me, yet.

I had somehow expected to find ready-made firmwares by Daisy users on (just as for Max, OWL, Orac, etc.), but our lovely flower isn’t represented there.

Is there another place for a total noob like me where I can simply download firmware files and install them through the Chrome web programmer?


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This forum has quite a few projects to try but, they aren’t all in one place.
look thru here for anything related to Patch…

DaisyBouquet is nice:

Olearia is also:

Since this hardware was designed as a development platform, I’d suggest getting used to following the github rabbit hole. If you just want to load patches made by others you can mostly ignore the toolchain and compiling stuff and just look for “binaries” or “releases”. You just need a .bin file to flash with the web programmer. I haven’t tried Oopsy because I don’t have Max, but Owlsy works once you get the MIDI Sysex crap figured out.

Max: Oopsy lets you create patches in Max and run on Daisy Patch

OWL: Owsly lets you run OWL patches on Daisy Patch


Thank you for this elaborate answer!
The Daisy environment is quite exciting and you‘ve given me some good pointers!

O daisy, you’re so young. You will grow tall over time.

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