Interval-based dual oscillator for Daisy patch.Init()

Hi all! I’d like to share my first published patch for patch.Init(). It’s a dual output subtractive-style oscillator in which the second oscillator is always tuned to a fixed musical interval OR frequency ratio of the first oscillator.

Source and Usage Docs
Binary Release

Hope folks enjoy! I’d love any feedback about the patch and/or code, and if you use it to make music I’d love to hear it!


This is really great! I’m definitely gonna flash this later today.

Cool idea and overall sound, I especially liked the last sequence and the d’n’b section :metal:

Thanks much for a lovely implementation! It is quite flexible, and I’ve truly enjoyed using it as a Just Intonation quantizer – to accompany a Moog Subharmonicon. A brief snippet is here: Stream Rational Interval by Bassetto | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

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