I'm new to Daisy -- this is my first post. Have a Q

I just purchased the Daisy Seed – Emilie suggested Daisy to me – and I think it should be great on the back of eurorack modules. Then someone suggested I get the Daisy submodule. It looks to be the same thing in a different form factor? Wouldn’t they both work equally as well on the back of a eurorack module? I’ve seen lots of DIY eurorack modules with an Arduino Nano, ESP32 or STM32 blue pill, plugged into DIP sockets on the back of the module.

Is there comparison / contrast article for the two? I kind of like using just one and I like that the seed is breadboard compatible as I like to lay stuff out on the breadboard.

A little about me: newb to electronics, especially analog electronics (RC networks, op amps, feedback etc)… I have decent knowledge of digital logic, gates, microprocessor design, machine code, asembly language. Also software development experience including C/C++. Into eurorack and other synths.

[I’ve done all sorts of little projects with arduino nano and mini mega. I recently made this little C++ library for taking voltage, amperage and reistance readigns from UT61E on the Arduino mini mega, sharing it on github: GitHub - JenniferGDev/Arduino-UT61E. I’ll port it over to Daisy as well , shoudl be quick and share the github for that here, in case anyone uses that meter as well.]

The Submodule has necessary hardware for handling Euro signal levels.


With the Daisy Seed, can that all be handled with voltage dividers , op amps etc?

Yes, certainly, as demonstrated by the Daisy Patch.
But , for a designer more interested in getting to the good stuff ( the software), the Submodule can be a quick path to making a custom module to host a brilliant idea.

I’d love to see some open source board/panel sets for the Patch SM.