I'm a beginner! (sorry)

Ok, I followed all the steps for setting up your environment on mac.
I believe it all looks good, but how do I start actually programming (or at least reading the code of an existing program to learn and understand it)?

I have a couple of project I want to try to develop to learn:
1- Make Daisy Patch’s Compressor stereo
2- See if I can edit the parameters of the reverb to make it lusher / longer tail / etc.
2- Try to port a Mutable Instruments module (Maybe rings or clouds) into Daisy Patch
3- Learn something new everyday and be happy.

Hope you guys can point me in the right direction.

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I was thinking of doing the same and am also a complete beginner with the C programming.
BUT we can probably get away with snippet gluing maybe?

For the Patch I was thinking a four channel FX box would really help my rack nicely.
HOWEVER, at the moment I’m still entirely confused as to how to deal with the encoder and screen.

Patch idea 1: Stereo compressor on 1 and 2, stereo reverb on 3 and 4, Controls for the compressor on the screen, controls for verb on the CV inputs
Patch idea 2: Mono Chorus/Phaser/Flanger on 1, Mono BBD style clocked/unclocked Delay on 2, Mono room style Verb on 3, Mono LUSH verb on 4. Delay time, feedback, CV 1-2-3-4 assignable via encoder. All tweaks via screen/encoder.

Impulse verbs someday :slight_smile:

Hey guys love to see the enthusiasm! Can’t wait to see what you build.

As far as help for beginners, I’d recommend reading the code examples on GitHub. Depending on your level of coding experience, it would probably be really helpful to read some simple tutorials on C++. Start with those tutorials and read our code starting with the easiest ones. Some of the pod examples might be a good starting place. If you have any questions drop them here or in the slack and people will help out!

This website looks OK C++ for beginners

Please post whatever other resources you find here as well.