IDEA: Noise Engeneering Versio firmware swap utility

Hello everyone.

I was thinking it would be great to have all versios in one module but with on the fly swappable firmware.

I thought using a raspberry pi with touch screen and with two outputs simulating the push button action.

But it would be great if I could use the GitHub - electro-smith/Programmer: WebUSB programmer for Daisy (and other DFU-compatible chips/boards). because I could modify the ui to be usable with a small touch screen.

Is there a way to download the original NE firmware files to be used with original daisy programmer?

Just an idea: As far as I understand, the Daisy bootloader can load a .bin file from Sd card. So if you rename and restart, you could read different software without a raspi.

Hi again,
what you might want to study is DFU-UTIL (
This tool is used by Plugdata to download to Daisy. It can both download to internal or external flash.
cheers. For internal flash:
dfu-util -a 0 -s 0x08000000:leave -D Progname.bin -d ,0483:df11

Hi and thank you very much for your input.

I’ll try to use dfu-util to get the bin files.

Not sure if I get your sd-card idea.
How would I get one into my versio?
How could I do the renaming?


Good questions. I wrote my first answer before I had studied the versio board and system.