I2C #2 and USART #2

Hi all,

On the pin layout there isn’t an I2C #2. There’s also no U(S)ART #2, but #1 is repeated. I’m sure sure there’s a good reason… what is it? :slight_smile:

I noticed those details, too. Might just be errors. It can be figured out from the code and schematics, but that shouldn’t be necessary.

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I’ll double check for typos some time this week, but there are a number of pins on the STM32 that can serve the same peripherals. The pins that are broken out to the Daisy pinout do not account for all internal peripherals, which is why there are multiple pins that can be UART1 Tx for example, and why there may be I2C1 and I2C4, but no I2C2.

Hope that answers your question!

@shensley - that would be great.

I’ve added to the svg inside the Fritzing / fzpz document as well, adding additional functions. I’m not very familiar with Fritzing, but perhaps I could send the file through for inclusion in the fzpz? In the schematic, I’ve basically added the same connection labels / colours as in the usual pin layout for Daisy.