I would like to test ADC input value on Maxmsp in real time

I am trying to connect [piezo] → [piezo amp circuit] → [ADC input of Daisy Seed] and try to see the signal value range coming from piezo element on Maxmsp in real time.

Piezo elements are implemented inside an ant nest and it will sense and detect activities of ants inside.
My goal is to connect 6 of them into Daisy Seed.

But before I do that, I would like to see the range of signal coming from the ant nest, so that I can set up threshold value and stuff.


Let’s say I connected 6 piezo elements to A0~ A5. How do I get those signal values in gen~ patch?

Is it possible to test it out in real time while the Daisy Seed is connected to my laptop?

Thank you.

At the moment, there isn’t a good way to get the values directly or send them to Max. To get a sense of the values, you might do something like write them to an SD card or light up an LED based on how high the value gets.
You could do it if you dare tread the generated C++, though, using the Daisy Logger class.

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