I think I've killed my Daisy Seed

I’ve been working a little on a Daisy Seed based guitar pedal setup, basing most of my circuit on small sections of the Pedal schematics (in/out buffers, etc.).

I got a setup working nicely on breadboard, had some fun designing basic effects. Tonight I tried to port this onto a protoboard to make things more compact and less noisy… however, I probably got a little too confident and once I had soldered everything I just slotted the Daisy on top and powered up (9V).

The leds on the Seed went up for a few seconds (regular power and blinking user led), then they both stopped… and the unit got extremely hot. I unplugged quickly and plugged the Seed (alone, off the board) to my computer via USB : the daisy is no longer recognised (despite the power led lighting up) and, more importantly, the processor heats up like crazy, even when just plugged via USB to the computer… another Seed that I have still works normally (no heating & recognised as DFU device, etc) so it’s definitely something with the hardware.

Has anyone experienced similar issues? Any ideas of how to test the hardware without risking further damage? Do Electro-Smith provide support for this kind of issue (even though there’s a good chance that this is a wiring/soldering error on my part…) ?

Thanks for your help.

I think you have killed the processor I’m afraid. And it’s a BGA so almost impossible to replace without the proper tools. Chalk it up to experience.

Such awkward situation when you want to build a guitar pedal, but make an electric chair for MCUs… is probably not covered by the return policy.

Damn, that’s what I suspected… oh well, it will teach me to be more careful. I thought I could get away with a generic proto-board but things gets way too messy, especially if the Seed can be killed easily. Must have shorted 9V to ground somewhere I guess…
Might try to get a Terrarium shipped over to France, or take the time to design an actual PCB for my project, as the behaviour on my breadboard is absolutely fine so I think I just need to think it through and do something clean.