I made a multiband saturator in Oopsy for the Patch

Still working out the finer points. But for now it works in mono on channel one. Actually, I do have an issue with Daisy where channel one outputs to 1 and 2 and doesn’t take an input on channel 2. Not sure how to figure that out atm… still fun to play around with. The GenExpr code box also contains 22 different algorithms to play around with. I found them here: MaxPatches/stkr.waveshaping.genexpr at master · meta-meta/MaxPatches · GitHub


Link to Daisy Patch 2 band saturator.

I may have messed up the frequency and spread controls with the linear phase crossover network example. I think I will just use a standard crossover. Probably less latency and no real need to have a linear phase crossover for a multiband saturator…


O man this is a great “bit of kit”, as they say.

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Update for my saturation here: https://www.spacepup-sound.com/daisy-mb-saturator

Heavy heavy update. It’s specific to my use case, but designed in a way that should be very flexible for anyone with a patch.

Full description on the site. Mainly 3 separate saturation’s and a mono summing channel. So if you feed it with a 2 or 3 band analog crossover (the digital ones were taking up too much cpu), it’s an amazing multi band saturation.

Or just 3 mostly separate bands. Or just a convenient saturating 3 channel mixer with individual outs. Hmm thinking about it now maybe the next update could fit in a model for feedback routing. I bet a pitch shifter would sound great as a part of that too…