I built a web UI in front of pd2dsy!

Hi folks! I’ve been meaning to do something cool with my Pod and patch.Init() when I bumped into one of Takumi’s excellent Daisy+Pd videos on YouTube! I tried out pd2dsy and loved how quick I was able to get something working on the hardware. Then I thought, the setup process for pd2dsy would still be tricky for a non-developer, so what if I put it in a Docker container with a web UI in front? After a week or so of tinkering, here’s “Gardener”!

It’s still really rough around the edges. For example, if your patch fails to compile, you won’t get to see the error output yet. But it’s a good start!

In the future I can imagine Gardener doing other things too, like combining the functionality of the Daisy Web Programmer or compilation support for MaxMSP gen~. It could become a more general-purpose “web playground” for Daisy.

Try it out and let me know how it goes!

P.S. - As I was getting ready to post, I saw the awesome update that plugdata now supports Daisy hardware - wow! Plugdata looks like an even more streamlined experience to get a Pd patch onto Daisy hardware, although Gardener has some advantages of its own since it’s web-based. I think the zero-install aspect is really promising.


Oh wow! This is seriously awesome! Love the Daisy-themed naming too :slight_smile:

For sure, I think this serves different purpose when compared to plugdata.
Being able to flash without installing anything is really nice!!

Really cool to have more ways to use pd2dsy now!! Thank you so much!!

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Very nice this!

Can indeed see a use for perhaps an online service that compiles and flashes for you. Would certainly make setup a lot easier.

Since you intend to also integrate max/gen~ I’ll leave the topic in the general #integrations section.
(I was going to move it to #integrations:pure-data but lets leave the possibilities open :wink: )


Thank you both for checking it out!

No promises on getting around to adding gen~ support anytime soon :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: so feel free to move the post if you’d like.

I’m going to work on error output next, hopefully that will be a quick addition that provides a lot of value.


for us simple daisy seed folk - would it possible to use this marvellous web app for the seed?

If you’re just using the Daisy Seed for audio I/O, you can arbitrary pick other boards like Pod.
And you can even connect sensors to the same pins that Pod uses for the two potentiometers and get things working :slight_smile:

That said, custom JSON file upload feature would make this website even better.

Thanks for the interest @robbielongcat! No explicit support for the seed yet but I like @Takumi_Ogata’s point about reusing the other configurations.

I don’t think adding custom JSON support would be too difficult either, so I’ll see if I can add it over the next week or so!

I had a thought the other day that it would be super cool to have a way to easily create the JSON as well, maybe through my other favorite visual programming environment, Scratch+Blockly! Would that be useful to you?


I’m guessing that lots of us here would love an easier way to create a custom JSON. I know I would!

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That sounds interesting :slight_smile:

Update: Gardener now has support for custom JSON!

You’ll see a new Seed with board definition option on the homepage, and selecting it will cause an extra file upload to appear.

Try it out and let me know what you think!


That was quick!!

What I did is treating my Daisy Pod as Seed and put in the pre-made Pod JSON file :wink:
The potentiometers, encoder, and switches are working perfectly!! What I did notice was the LEDs not lighting up but this is also the case with plugdata, so that’s something that needs further look into in general.

Awesome work!! Thank you so much for this new addition!