How to use the SD card in Daisy Patch

I’m programming my Daisy Patch to upload/download patches to my synth using Arduino IDE since Midi.h makes it so easy. How do I access the Patch’s SD card to save my patch data?

Hey Bearwise!

Could you tell more about the patch that you’re trying to write and read from the SD card? Are you thinking of saving and recalling something like presets?

Since you’re using DaisyDuino, you could reference example .ino codes online (or there could even be a library) that uses fatfs to access files via SD card. That could be a fruitful direction to research next.

And since you have C/C++ experience with Arduino IDE, we do recommend that you check out the SD card example code in the DaisyExamples for .cpp. Here’s a tutorial on how to set up the development environment.
I recommend giving that example code a try to get a better understanding of how SD card works with Daisy.

There are also example codes for MIDI that may serve your project need. So you may be able to combine it with the SD card code to get your project up and running in .cpp even.

Hi Takumi,
My program sends sysex info via MIDI to my Casio CZ-101 to define instruments. I’m going to add the ability to read instrument data off my Casio as well since I can create instruments on it. My Daisy Patch will hold these sysex files on an SD card which the program will organize into libraries and send then to the various lots on my synth.

I have looked into FatFs but it does not play with DaisyDuino. There are no examples of SD Card use on Daisy Patch with DaisyDuino that I could find which is why I’m asking here.

Yes, I could program this in in VS Code using LibDaisy but I do not want to give up the flexibility and power that the u8g2 graphic library gives for text and graphics nor do I want lose the simplicity of being able to use FortySevenEffects MIDI library.

That’s totally understandable!

There isn’t an SD card example code for Daisy right now, so I’ll ask the team if there are any SD card code or resources that you can reference. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for the wait!

Hey Bearwise,
Thank you for the wait.

We unfortunately don’t have any SD card example code for Daisy on hand.
The possible reason why the FatFS codes and libraries that you tried out didn’t work is that they weren’t compatible with the stm32. That’s the reason why we have an OLED example but not USB midi for DaisyDuino.

It could be worth looking around in
And I just found out about the STM32SD library that could be worth checking out!

Thanks for putting in all the effort.

I’ll post a solution if I find one.


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