How to Play Audio Out of the Daisy - No sound

Hi, The Daisy SM has power via Eurorack adapter (previous post) and have tried the Oscillator tutorial again.
I have connected the out jack tip to B1 - AUDIO_OUT_RIGHT / B2 - AUDIO_OUT_LEFT and the sleeve to GND B7. When I upload the sketch I get no signal and have tested my speaker and tried with headphones.
The Daisy SM is working fine when I load the Blink example.

Can someone give me an idea what might not be happening. It is such a simple example I can’t imagine what might be wrong.


I resolved these issues and wanted to share for anyone else starting out with the Daisy SM.

  1. Someone on the forum helpfully pointed out I needed to select the Tools/Board part number/Daisy Patch SM in Arduino IDE.

  2. In the VCO tutorial How to Play Audio Out of the Daisy change the hardware type to DAISY_PATCH_SM.


  1. You also need to power the Daisy SM which I did using Eurorack adapter, see other post.

Glad to hear that you got it working!
And thank you for documenting and sharing. It’ll come in handy for other community members in the future!